Christine and Matt Masi Break Sales Records
For New Store With Awesome Reward Program

LEGENDARY Sales & Marketing Guru Karl Kramer
Unleashes The V. I.P. Dollar Reward Program
In Seaford, NY

Today it is all about survival. You need to think out of the box. Drive your sales through the roof and be the leader of the pack. Since 1974 we have created awesome loyalty rewards programs with proven success. We can do the same for your business at a surprisingly low cost with astounding results.

The Dollar Store Industry is about to experience a change. It has for Christine and Matt Masi and it can for your store too.

Dollar stores are just about everywhere due to their popularity in an ever changing economy. In fact you may have one just like yours across the street or down the block.

Now it is time to make your store completely different and increase your sales like never before. Change is good. More dollars are better.

Introducing the Dollar Store V.I.P. Dollar Store Reward Card
The V.I.P.( Very Important Customer) Reward Card is given to each of your customers to encourage them to shop and spend more in your store and build loyalty. You simply punch out the amount that they purchase with a security shape punch provided to you. Once your customers have their card completely punched ($300 on their card) they will return to your store to receive a 3 Day and 2 Night Hotel Voucher for four persons in a Ramada Plaza Resort or Clarion at great destinations including Orlando, Atlantic City, Fort Lauderdale, Williamsburg, Daytona Beach, Cape Cod, Hilton Head, Lake Tahoe, Sedona, Branson, Las Vegas, Big Island of Hawaii. These are true vacations with no-time share presentation whatsoever.

Why Does the V.I.P. Dollar Store Reward Card work so well?
It’s simple. First, the minimum punch on the card is $10. This automatically increases your sale. Next, we suggest that you put an expiration date of 6 months from the date your customer first receives the card. Now when they return, you can tell them about Double Dollar Rewards on select seasonal and everyday items. Everyone loves a bargain especially in a dollar store. Your customer wins and so do you by reducing your slow moving inventory and replacing it with new fresh merchandise. This is key to the success and survival of a dollar store.

How can I give our customers a vacation? What is the catch?
Honestly there is none. Through the combined advertising of thousands of retailers like yourself who offer this promotion, these hotels receive free publicity and profit from food, beverage and other profit centers. All that your customer is responsible for is the hotel tax on average $10.00 per night less than the cost of a pizza. Every one of your customers can be a winner. You win too with sales that are beyond belief and a higher per customer sale average. The cost of the hotel voucher is surprisingly low.

Reward Your Customers with The Dollar $tore V.I.P. Reward Card and they will reward you with their loyalty and dollars.